Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Brief Look

Kyle Leaf

SP crater is a cinder cone volcano that exists to challenge climbers.
Getting to the top is a truly difficult task, but from the top the
lava flow is beautifully defined, and very easy to identify. Climbing
is 2 steps up, one step sliding down, but going down is like a
downhill roller-blade trip. The view from the top was amazing, making
SP crater a distinct highlight of the trip.

The Grand Canyon is big. Really, really big. I was expecting a sheer
cliff that one could look down and see a river at the bottom, with the
other side at most a few hundred yards away. But no, its bigger.
Hiking 3 miles down (and back up) the Bright Angel Trail (2,044 feet/
623 meter elevation change) was a very rewarding few hours.

I would like to thank Dr. Rice, Dr. Burkhart, and Dr. Shultz for making the experience amazing. Thanks again to Cynthia for putting the entire LPSA program together. And thanks to Aaron and Nicole for being such great staff assistants all summer. If anyone reading this has never had a NASA internship, apply now! The experience is awesome, I hope to have another like it next summer, and you should too!

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